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Maven Error in Opening Zip File & Verizon FIOS

Verizon FIOS users may experience the following error when attempting to build a Maven project. Failed to parse plugin descriptor for org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1 (/Users/traviscollins/.m2/repository/org/apache/maven/plugins/maven-compiler-plugin/3.1/maven-compiler-plugin-3.1.jar): error in opening zip file -> [Help 1] The message above simply states that the JAR file... Read More


Using Git and Puppet for Agile Server Management

This article describes how to use Git and Puppet to achieve an extremely agile method of creating and managing a scalable infrastructure of software services. This method greatly reduces the efforts needed to deploy and maintain new environments - which... Read More


Eclipse Hadoop Map Reduce Template Project

The project linked at the bottom of this article provides a simple running example of an Eclipse Hadoop 0.23.1 Map Reduce project. It includes You'll need the following software to use this project: Eclipse M2 Maven Eclipse Plugin The project... Read More


Creating a single app with UIs for Tablets and Phones in Flex Mobile

While all Flex Mobile apps are compatible with tablet and phone sized screens in both iOS and Android, a developer must put extra effort into making optimized UIs for tablets vs. phones. This article, and source code, explains how to... Read More


Flex Mobile Custom URL Schemes

Android and iOS support launching applications via custom URL schemes, or in other words, apps can be launched by the user clicking a link or button other than the icon on the start screen. This feature allows developers to add... Read More


Flex Mobile DisplayObject List (Video)

Flex SDK 4.5 for mobile shipped with an IconItemRenderer that is extremely efficient at showing static images in a list. However, most enterprise and data driven applications are going to need to show dynamically created, interactive, and data driven... Read More


Flex Mobile Custom View Panning (Video)

Flex SDK 4.5 mobile view navigator framework does not make use of the multi-touch features of the Flex 4.5 SDK. As stock, the framework provides 'navigation' buttons and an api to switch between views. The video above previews and... Read More


Flex Threading Class

Adobe's Flash player run time environment does not support multi-threading; except for very specific external interactions. Flash player uses an ancient frame-by-frame single threaded monolithic execution model. This means that drawing in the UI and handling user interactions are directly... Read More


Scrollable Flex Charts

The majority of the work in this project was taken directly from MaximPorges.com article on Scrolling Large Data Sets in Flex Charts. The code posted in that article works very well for horizontal scrolling, but not at all for vertical... Read More


Excluding all but one directory in ASDoc 3

ActionScript Doc (ASDoc) is a utility that ships with the Flex 3 SDK that generates documentation based on ActionScript code; its very similar to JDoc and JSDoc for Java and JavaScript. While ASDoc does have many handy features, one major... Read More

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