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Howdy! I am Travis Collins - an angel investor and an experienced business operator. It is my goal to help entrepreneurs and early stage businesses to build and scale their existing businesses.


I am looking for businesses that are innovating new revenue models in existing markets. This means that there is an established or emerging market with strong activity, and an opportunity to change how services and products are delivered. See the Investment Criteria section below for more details.

Notice I did not mention technology above. Technology might be involved in the innovation - but technology is not the focus. My focus is on business model innovation.

Examples of business model innovation include:

Arcadia Power - A service to signup for renewable energy instantly. Most people in the US live in homes that do not have the option to install solar. Arcadia Power opens the renewable energy market to everyone in the US.

Gauge - A service to sell your car to the highest bidder from local dealers - no cost, hassle free, no commitments. They are taking the work out of negotiating with dealers, and wondering whether you got the best local offer. This changes the traditional buy-sell transaction from dealer advantage to seller advantage.

SpaceX Starlink - High speed internet access almost anywhere. They are leveraging huge rocket innovations and technology advances to create a new world wide broadband network. They are directly serving customers by shipping simple to setup satellite dishes. No professional installation needed.

How are you innovating a business model?

My Superpowers

I have 20+ years experience as a technical founder in a variety of software based businesses. Founders in my portfolio companies lean on me to help them avoid tech pitfalls and accelerate the tech side of their business.

I have recruited and retained many teams for many software projects. I’ve learned how to conserve cash and reach goals at the same time. Founders use my advice to assemble exceptional teams and to learn how to motivate them to success.

Investment Criteria

I look for pre-seed, seed, and series a investment opportunities in companies that fit the following criteria:

One or more founders with vision, skill, and purpose
Executing one of the following business models
Has a working polished MVP
Has champion users
Has created a go-to-market strategy
Has clear purpose for the money to be invested
Deal must include…

Send Your Deck

I like decks that are simple and short. If the deck piques my interest, I’ll respond and request a discussion.

Great decks include…

Send your deck to my first name at dreamingwell dot com.

Portfolio Companies

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